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Winter Diet

If you enjoy crunching, then this is the perfect diet for you because you have to eat 13 in 13 minutes. This diet speed your metabolism so you lose 3 kg in two weeks, and might even improve your fertility if you suffer from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

winter diet 

How does work this diet?


Eating low-calorie foods on a regular basis, you will not feel hunger. Raw vegetables bombards your body with essential vitamins, while proteins provide satiety.

Women suffering from polycystic ovarian syndrome have a slow metabolism, and frequent snacking seems to accelerate it, increasing the chances of conception.



Weakness of the diet


Morning must prepare snacks for the whole day. You might feel a little awkward at work because you eat all the time.


What does your diet?


  • # For two weeks, you choose a breakfast, lunch and dinner daily from the lists below. Between the three main meals will make snacks every 13 minutes, so you have about 30 snacks a day.
  • # Snacks are small servings of vegetables, small finger-sized carrots, celery, bell peppers, cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, cucumber. Also, you can taste lean protein: chicken, fish, eggs, cheese, tofu.
  • # You can vary snacks as you wish. You can even dip in balsamic vinegar if desired.
  • # In addition to these, add 200 ml skimmed milk and three fruits (bananas exclusive) per day. You have the right to three teaspoons of fat (butter, margarine) on bread.
  • # Do not consume liquid calories. You may only drink water, tea and coffee with milk.





  • # 2 slices of bread with jam
  • # 1 large egg on a slice of toast
  • # 1 banana and 150 ml natural yoghurt
  • # 50 g muesli with milk




Start with a bowl of soup with egg, spinach, carrots, tomatoes and basil, then choose one of the following:


  • # 3 slices with puffed rice or muesli topping: tuna, cottage cheese, egg, ham, light cream cheese. Add a salad with lettuce, a cucumber and a tomato.
  • # A sandwich of two thin slices of bread (whole wheat) with a protein source listed above. Add salad, cucumber and tomato.
  • # A medium boiled potato topped cottage cheese or tuna, plus a bowl of green leaves.
  • # A little canned sardines with 2 slices of toast.
  • # A grilled chicken breast made with steamed brocooli.




  • # Cooked chicken with vegetables
  • # Roast beef cooked with vegetables, fruit salad with a pinch of cream
  • # A steak, an egg and a bowl of salad, plus a peach
  • # Baked salmon with lemon juice and served with steamed green vegetables

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quick weight loss tips

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