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Wine and Chocolate Diet

You delay the diet because you do not want to give up chocolate and wine? I got news for you – you can lose weight and make your desires at the same time!

Both chocolate and wine are healthy foods if eaten in moderation. Follow the diet and you lose in the next week 3 k.


eating chocolate




Both redwine and white one, increase the amount of HDL-cholesterol, heart-healthy.


Red wine protects clots and strokes because the skin of red grapes contain the blood-thinning agents. Wine encourages the production of estrogen and kill bacteria.





Chocolate contains theobromine, a substance for calming the nervous system. Added to milk, it reduces lactose intolerance, and chocolate hazelnut brings extra vitamins B and E.


Dark chocolate has a high content of copper, beneficial against heart disease.


  • # 2 liters of wine of any type per week (100 calories per cup)
  • # 200 g chocolate of any type per week (170 calories / 30 g)


These are portions of wine and chocolates for the entire week, depending on how you divide them.


You eat 9800 calories a week, of which 2400 come from chocolate and wine. Other 1057 daily calories from healthy foods.

Drink six glasses of water daily between meals. Eat lean protein.



Breakfast – 200 calories


  • # Eat a fruit before lunch or a few berries.
  • # Of drinks: tea, coffee or water.


Lunch – 200 calories


  • # A large mixed salad
  • # 50 g lean cold
  • # 1 hard boiled egg, sliced
  • # 1 small canned tuna chopped
  • # 100 g fresh or frozen shrimp
  • # Or smoked mackerel fillets



Dinner – 500 calories


Dinner must be rich in carbohydrates, but portions are small.


  • # 5 nights a week: 180 g fish (cod, salmon, trout) or 180 g skinless chicken grilled
  • # 2 evenings per week: 180 g meat, egg, pork, lamb, beef, steak, grilled or fried in very little oil
  • # Every evening: a small yogurt + 1 fruit for dessert simple



Besides helping you lose weight, diet is beneficial for its antiaging action, protecting the skin from harmful rays of the sun. So fill with these foods!


# Broccoli: protects skin from UV rays because of sulforaphane content, which induce the formation of protective proteins in the skin. 10 calories per 28 g


# Sweet Potato excellent source of carotenoids and phytonutrients with antioxidant properties, plus a bonus of vitamin C and E. 32 calories per 28 g


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quick weight loss tips

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