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What is Weight Cycling?


You are familiar with very restrictive diets, have to give up fat and flour, and when return to normal diet, you are dealing with the dreaded yoyo effect? Result: your efforts were in vain, because regain all lost weight.


This is what happens when you lose weight in a short time. To avoid the yoyo effect, follow the following diet!


weight loss


Menu anti-yoyo – 1400 calories


# Breakfast:

  • – A hot drink without sugar or sweetener
  • – 30 g bread
  • – 10 g butter
  • – 0% fat milk product
  • – 1 fruit



# Lunch

  • – Raw foods and vinaigrette sauce (1 tablespoon oil, vinegar)
  • – 1 serving of meat, fish or eggs (2) cooked without fat
  • – 100 g flour prepared without fat
  • – Vegetables prepared without fat
  • – A product with 0% fat milk
  • – 1 fruit


# Dinner

  • – Raw foods and vinaigrette sauce (1 tablespoon oil, vinegar)
  • – 1 serving of meat, fish or eggs (2) cooked without fat
  • – Vegetables prepared without fat
  • – 30 g cheese with less than 50% fat
  • – Fruit
  • – 15 g bread



Important Meal


Take three full meals daily at regular times and varied to get into a rhythm to keep it every day.


Make a habit of not skip breakfast, eat pasta at lunch to avoid hunger in the afternoon and opt for a light dinner. Eat food slowly to assimilate well.



Avoid obstacles


Watch for sweet foods (candy, sweet snacks, juices) to get immediate satisfaction. They rapidly increase the amount of heat of the day.


Better than provide healthy snacks on sweets between meals fast. For example, keep the fruit in the morning or at lunch to eat later. Drink plenty of water and green tea between meals to deceive the feeling of hunger.


This is an unforgiving law of diets: the last 5 kg are harder to lose that first 30! The explanation is simple: with each kilo lost since the beginning of the diet, your metabolism slows down every day.

Time to make some changes!



Stand up


Walk as much as possible, but then you sit! Wait at least an hour a day on your feet!


It turns out that a reduced consumption of meat can be seen on the scale! Studies show that vegetarians weigh 20% less than carnivores. Vegetable-based foods are low in calories and rich in nutrients and fiber filling.



Bite the apple


Dinner 15 minutes before chewing an apple and you eat less by up to 200 calories per meal! Try a salad for a similar effect.

Start Here .. Start NOW!

quick weight loss tips

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