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Weight Watchers Diet – Basic Principles

To be successful on this diet must be extremely disciplined. The initial idea was that this diet be kept under strict supervision of a nutritionist. When you follow this diet you should not starve and you will enjoy at the same time, numerous culinary goodies.


weight watchers diet


Rules to be observed


# Every day you have to drink 2 liters of water, equivalent to 8 cups;

# Even if you’ve eaten food for 18 points and you’re tired, should continue to eat until the total number of points required, for example 22;

# Chicken is preferred;

# Should consume 2-3 servings of milk daily;

# Alcohol should be limited;

# Should consume 4-5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily;

# If you do sports for about 15 minutes, you will receive two bonus points;



Table points – examples


Not to leave you totally in the fog, let’s give you some examples of points assigned to each food separately, following that in another article to give values for each food in hand, you could eat it in the diet.


# Vegetables (except lentils, peas, etc.) – 0 points;

# A slice of white bread or whole – 2 points;

# 50 grams of ice cream – 2.5 points;

# 50 grams of mayonnaise – 1 point;

# 50 grams of margarine plant – 1 point;

# 50 grams of vegetable oil – 1 point;

# 125 grams of meat, beef fat – 4.5 points;

# 125 grams of lean beef – 3 points;

# 150 grams of fat pork meat – 6 points;

# 150 grams of lean pork – 3 points;

# 5 spoons of olives – 1 point;

# 1 glass of beer without alcohol – one point;

# 1 coffee without sugar and no milk – 0 points;

# Cola Light – 0 points;

# Tea without milk and sugar – 0 points;

# 200 grams of french fries – 7 points;

# 1 banana – 1 point;



Advantages of Weight Watchers diet


It is easy to follow this diet, you do not really have restrictions. According to popular belief, Weight Watchers diet is ideal diet for those greedy, because they can eat foods they like, with only minor restrictions on quantity.


In addition, force you to eat healthy diet because you have to consume large quantities of water, fruit and vegetables. Also, the diet encourages sports, which is extremely favorable.

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