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Water After Meals

Dieters often have a riddle: when is best to drink?


water after meals


Some say it’s better to drink water before meals, while others after, others in the afternoon, and there are, of course, and those who do not agree at all with the consumption of water around the table. It is said that water slows down digestion, thus leading to weight gain. What are the actual scientific data?



Water is good for the body


First, you need to know that the human body is composed of 60% water, and that every cell in our body has a fluid balance. So there is no doubt that we need water. The need for water is still a subjective thing from one person to another, because it depends on how active you are, how much water your attorney in the food and the moisture of the environment in which you live.




What is the connection between water and weight loss?


Water is recommended in any diets, its main advantage being that the lack of calories. It just makes sense: if you choose between a soda can contain 500-700 calories and a glass of water zero calorie, water is the obvious choice. No matter if you drink at the table or separately.



Kinsale is another aspect of a slimming diet, is portion control and how much you eat can be controlled by how much you drink. When you fill your stomach with water, more food will not fit. Therefore, some people prefer to drink water during meals to fill your stomach and curb your appetite.



A 2005 study published in the journal Appetite, concluded that no matter if you drink non-caloric drink or not drink at all at the table, because they do not affect the amount of food consumed. In contrast, counts calories in juices, adding them to the calories from food.



A 2007 study published in the journal Obesity found that people who drink water before meals decreases their hunger, eating less food.



The 55 adults tested in a study in 2010 drank 500 ml of water before each meal diet and 44% more weight loss in a 12 week period than those who did not have this habit.



So, it seems that water is beneficial to the table, the positive influence of weight loss. There is no evidence that drinking water could lead to weight gain.



Regarding the theory of how the water would slow digestion, it’s funny how could this happen. In fact, water can only improve digestion. As nutrients to be absorbed, they must be broken down into small pieces by mechanical effects (gum) and biochemical (stomach acids and enzymes). Water helps to dilute and break down the food bowl, so hurry digestion.


Therefore, the water helps digestion and absorption of nutrients.

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quick weight loss tips

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