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Top 8 Foods that Kill Your Cravings

Appetite is a nightmare to anyone who wants to lose weight. That sudden feeling that you really need a chocolate, chip, cookie can be overwhelming and impossible to resist. Therefore lust is so dangerous to the diet.


food craving


You can start a diet with the best intentions. At first, you can even succeed and not to deviate from the rules. See how to melt a few pounds, and then happens what everybody desires.


Science tells us that food cravings only last 15 minutes, but they seem an eternity if you focus on them. But if your mind can deal with anything, could resist the temptation.


Unfortunately, for most appetites are stronger than personal will. If you’re one of those people, it is recommended to kill lust by early controlled snacks consisting of foods that kill cravings.




You craving for something sweet ? Try an apple. Apples contain fiber, more than any other fruit. Fiber fills the stomach, maintain a feeling of fullness and you will not feel the need to eat a good long time. Less food, less calories !




Blueberries are full of fruit flavor and fiber. For more satisfaction in their taste, combine them with peanuts.




Delicious hazelnuts and almonds contain fibers that kill cravings. They satisfy your craving for chewing in a healthy way. Almonds stop fat absorption in the body, so it must be eaten with fatty foods.



Spicy foods

Spicy foods help you fight cravings in many ways. Spicy foods speed up metabolism and calories are burned more quickly.



Hot foods

Hot meals are more likeable to the stomach than cold, such as satiation will occur soon. Make sure the foods chosen to be low in fat.




Like hot dishes, a hot cup of tea fills your stomach and not let you consume calories. Choose a quality green tea and enjoy the effects of antioxidants.



Raw vegetables

Rich in fiber, low in calories and full of flavors, many kinds of raw vegetables satisfy cravings. Carrots and sweet peppers can kill cravings. Tomatoes are a good substitute for spicy snacks. Celery is the most powerful vegetables, burning more calories.




Nothing gives greater impetus metabolism than water! Moisturizing body to function effectively. Consumption of fresh water encourages the body to release stored water, so ironically, drinking water will weigh less than if you do not drink !

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quick weight loss tips

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