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Top 5 Foods to Avoid While on a Diet

Stay away from these disasters and replace them with healthy snacks! French fries, greasy steak, cheese and crackers with chocolate chips.


weight loss foods to avoid


At breakfast, avoid tzatziki

Greek salad is popular and easy to eat on any diet, but the cream of commerce is often added fat and calories and far outweigh the benefits of calcium. Instead Tzatziki, opt for semi-skimmed milk or yogurt, you can add fresh fruit or vegetables.


At lunch, avoid cheeseburgers and French fries

This is classic American food, which “help” to get 60% of recommended daily fat. If you find it hard to give up this type of food, try at least to prepare at home. Use lean beef and whole wheat buns, but you have to give up french fries. Rather than fry them, cut them into slices, coat them with olive oil and put them in the oven, sprinkling of onion slices over them. Leave them in the oven for 20-30 minutes and you’ll have healthy and delicious alternative to fried potatoes. I promise, are just as good if not better, than the original !


For dinner, avoid fatty steak

Do not give all the steak, especially if you’re at work all day and does not get to eat anything, but watch what kind of chicken meat on the grill! White or red meat, but to be free of fat !


In snacks, avoid the cheese

Hard cheese may have an effect on your figure. Soft cheeses such as Brie and Camembert are fatter than any other, so should be considered rare delicacies. Feta cheese and Parmesan cheese are the most “light”.


For dessert, avoid cookies with chocolate chips

These biscuits are nothing but a recipe for disaster for your figure! They contain very much fat, which makes a disastrous choice of dessert. A much better choice would be an eclair, which is sugar though, does not contain so much fat.

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Ideal breakfast

It must contain protein, which keep your hunger until 11 o’clock. On the menu you should have:


  • # 1 – 2 of bread spreads
  • # 1 tablespoon organic spreadable chocolate with nuts and peanuts
  • # 1 piece of goat cheese
  • # 1 soy yogurt
  • # 1 fruit every day.

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quick weight loss tips

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