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Saffron Extract and Weight Loss

Different slimming aids work in different ways, some are full of stimulants to make you buzz and give you a lot of energy: though you may end up crashing afterwards. Other options increase your metabolism to help you use more energy; what saffron extract does is to suppress your appetite.   saffron extract  Saffron has a lot of benefits though over other slimming aids and a lack of side effects is one. Saffron extract is completely natural, it is a spice and basically a part of a flower and like many herbs and spices it has been used in medicine for thousands of years.

The problem with impulses to eat

Saffron naturally suppresses appetite: it doesn’t do this by making you feel sick or unwell you just won’t get the urges for food you are used to. It is often these urges which you can’t control and which you can’t ignore that lead to overeating to begin with. Once you are over weight and used to overeating these impulses to eat may be stronger than before you put on weight and they are the main reason why your diets will fail.

Using saffron alongside exercise

Even exercise can fail to help you lose weight if you overeat, you may find that after exercise you simply eat more to make up the calories you have lost: meaning you make no progress. By using saffron extract you can do exercise and then have an ideal meal that is just what you need and not any more.

Saffron alongside a balanced diet.

With saffron extract to stop you snacking and eating junk food you should be able to easily control what you eat. Those urges to have second helpings or to call for a takeaway pizza will be gone or lessened with saffron extract. Using Saffron then you can plan what you should eat each day and only eat that. It can in fact be important to plan what you eat to make sure you get enough calories and enough vitamins and minerals from fruit and vegetables.

Tackling comfort food and snacking

Saffron is great for those who graze; we often eat when we are bored or when we become the slightest bit hungry. It is when we are a little hungry like this that our bodies start using up out fat deposits so this is in fact good for us to feel hungry sometimes: usually for a few hours before each meal. With saffron these urges will go, even if your stomach is stretched due to overeating, which is a problem for those trying to diet, saffron can surpress your urges to fill it.

Do you need any will-power?

You will need some will-power to stop overeating, saffron can help but you may still need to work to break out of the habit of eating portions that are too large or eating between meals.   saffron

Knowing when you are full.

One great thing though is that your body will know when it is full and so will you. Did you used to find that you would think you were still hungry have a pudding or second portion and then suddenly feel stuffed? By using saffron extract one of the main effects is you will realise much more quickly when you are full so you can stop eating before you over eat.

Craving Carbs

For some people over eating has become so bad it is an addiction and it is normally carbohydrates including sugar that they crave. The body may have lost all sense of what it needs and be used to large amounts so carry on tricking your brain into thinking you need them. With saffron extract these cravings can be completely cut away and though addictions may also be psychological in most people the desire to eat for the sake of eating will go.

Saffron extract’s price

Saffron is very expensive compared to other foods and spices, because only a small amount of extract is needed though saffron extract is cheap compared to many branded slimming aids. This is partly because of the lack of branding to pay for or extensive marketing and there are no development costs to make back from sales.

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Success rates

An incredible 100% of people who used Saffron extract who were surveyed by Whole Foods magazine reported a decrease in hunger: most laboratory created and tested slimming pills would love to have figures like that. Whether you actually lose weight though will depend on whether you can leverage some will-power as well and whether you make an effort to do exercise, or at least try to be regularly active.

Can Saffron extract help you lose weight

Whether Saffron will work for you depends on your own will-power and why you have put on weight to begin with. If you struggle with hunger and just can’t stop snacking or having large portions then saffron could be ideal. If you have tried hard at a diet and keep on slipping up because you get urges and cravings to eat then this is ideal, it can be very hard when you are used to eating a lot and some people don’t understand how persistent those cravings can be.

Once you have used saffron extract for a while you should be able to do better without it as the habit of over eating will be broken and your stomach will have naturally shrunk so it takes less food to fill you up. If you really want saffron extract to work for you and give you the kind of results many slimming aids promise on, and fail to deliver, you will need to do exercise as well. With just relying on eating less you will eventually lose weight but it can take time and this in itself can be disheartening and lead to you losing will-power.

By doing plenty of regular, though not necessarily strenuous, exercise alongside taking saffron extract you can lose weight fast: exercise will also help your overall fitness and energy levels too of course, which losing weight alone will not do.

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3 Responses to “Saffron Extract and Weight Loss”

  1. Sara says:
    October 16th, 2012 at 8:10 am

    Hi there! I would like to ask if you still have the saffron extract capsules that were shown on DrOZ?
    And do you ship internationally? In specific to the United Arab Emirates?

  2. Ashley Marx says:
    October 27th, 2012 at 1:17 pm

    I would like to purchase the saffron pills

  3. Admin says:
    October 27th, 2012 at 1:37 pm

    Hi Sara and Ashley

    We didn’t review any saffron based weight loss products yet. I’ll let you know if we find something worth it.

    Meanwhile, take a look at our best rated products, Phen375 and the raspberry ketone plus.

    Have a good day.

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