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Raspberry Ketone: A Brief Discussion

You may have never heard of the natural compound known as raspberry ketone, but you will have likely smelled it; it is the compound which causes the characteristic raspberry scent so common in fragrances; and, if studies are right, it may also help your body melt away the fat.


Raspberry ketone


Studies conducted on laboratory mice suggest that raspberry ketone have a strong effect on the secretion levels of a protein hormone identified as adiponectin. That’s the hormone which controls a number of bodily processes associated with metabolism, including glucose management. It has been proven that the adiponectin level is inversely proportionate to the percentage of fat in the body.

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In the study with mice, the rodents did indeed lose a significant amount of fat. It has also been noticed in research that adiponectin has a serious (and positive) effect on many common disorders or health afflictions, such as diabetes, atherosclerosis, and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.


This has prompted praise not just from fitness enthusiasts who want to lose more weight but also from serious researchers, scientists and doctors. In the mice study, the researchers stated that raspberry ketone was full of “great promise.”


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