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Obesity Symptoms

Being overweight is something much more serious than having a few more kilograms. If you are among obese people, it means you’re wearing enough excess body fat.


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# Most will be in excess fat around the chest and waist (apple shape) or buttocks (pear shaped).
# Obese men have very thick waist
# Women carry more fat on hips
# Some women acquire the apple shape, especially after menopause.


How obesity affects

A heavy body can be uncomfortable, but brings with it many other problems.


Symptoms of obesity


# Bad breath

If you’re really big, moving can be a pain, so you run out of air. If you have a lot of fat around the neck and chest, you may need to breathe short and shallow. Excess fat slows the air flow in and out of lungs.

# Fatigue

If you have difficulty breathing, not getting enough oxygen in the blood. This can make you feel tired. For some obese, everyday activities can become an ordeal, for example climbing stairs or shopping.

# Joints and tired muscles

As you gain weight, ankles and knees have to work harder. These joints and muscles in the legs and the column can become tired and stiff. And your posture may be affected, with a tendency to get coconuts.

# Skin Problems

If the fat folds of skin between them can get wet from sweat, which increases the risk of skin infections. Skin under large breasts or buttocks may cause burning, and pain due to friction.

# Varicose Veins

Blood vessels are twisted and swollen. Often look like blue or purple bumps. There are dangerous but they are unsightly and can cause pain in your feet. Varicose veins are caused partly by excess weight is carried away on foot.

# Menstruation

Some women realize that menstrual cycles may become irregular or stop. That’s because excess fat can disrupt the body’s hormonal balance.

# Feelings about food

You feel like you can not control the amount of food and you can not stop eating when you feel full. You have cravings for sweet or fatty foods. Some people begin to take regime then quit and start to eat large amounts of food.

Not all obese people feel these things.

# Everyday Life

Obesity can also affect quality of life and how you feel about yourself, can lead to psychological problems like depression and anxiety.

Since combating obesity is a difficult thing, with which many women struggled, often without results, the best solution would be to prevent it, adopting a balanced lifestyle with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

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quick weight loss tips

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