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The Diet Police Inside Your Fridge: The ThinQ Smart Refrigerator

The 21st century continues to bring forth new innovations. We never thought in a million years there would be a high tech fridge telling you what and what not to eat. However, the LG’s smart fridge has become a an eye-opener to the public.


lg smart refrigerator

Can you imagine heading off to work in the morning and grabbing a soda out of the fridge? All of the sudden the fridge starts telling you that is a bad idea? Well, if you’re looking to stay healthy and maybe even lose a little weight, the LG fridge could be a lifesaver.


In the mid to latter part of 2012, the new ThinQ Smart refrigerator will run consumers around $3,000 / £2,000.


This new concept provides a built-in dietician, programmed to monitor your eating habits. Will owners listen when the program says; “You’ve made an unhealthy choice?” Well, that remains to be seen, but for now, it looks like an extremely beneficial option.


Since the program will know what is going in and out of the fridge, it will suggest some healthy eating options when you open the door. It can also provide recipes and meal ideas based on the inventory.


However, some individuals will not be on a health kick. In this case, they will focus on other advantages to the ThinQ Smart fridge. For instance, the refrigerator also comes with a special, high-speed wine chiller. If you’re getting ready for a party and need a quick chill, your wine can be cold in only 8 minutes (beers only take 5 minutes).


The wine chiller benefit is available thanks to the innovation used in the LG air conditioner. Instead of ice crystals forming and ruining the fridge, chilled air is swirled throughout the blast chiller.


Did you go to the grocery and forget your list? The ThinQ Smart fridge also comes with a built-in camera. It allows people to see what is in their fridge on their mobile phone.


Your smart fridge can also remember expiration dates. Whenever something is about to expire, the fridge will let the owner know. In fact, the fridge can even send you a text when something is about to go bad. This advantage is due to the barcode scanner within the device.


People are calling this LG refrigerator the food management system of the future. You can see the ThinQ Smart fridge at the 2012 Consumer Electric Show.

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