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Jillian Michaels’ Tips for Losing Weight – Dr OZ SHow

When one hears the name Jillian Michaels, there are likely to be mixed views on the TV personality. On one hand, many will appreciate that she well and truly gets the best out of candidates on The Biggest Loser, yet some may chastise her for her hard-line approach. Whatever your views on her as a person, nobody can doubt that she is one of the most well-known celebrities in the health industry and when she comments on a subject, most people listen.

dr oz jillian michaels

Taking the above into account, it can be useful to hear her approaches when it comes to helping people lose weight. It should firstly be mentioned that Michaels likens herself to a vampire, stating that she has to be “invited in to get bit” – basically stating that patients will only benefit from her advice if they want to change their lifestyle.

It’s also worth mentioning that Michaels isn’t the typical celebrity and she has worked hard to get into her slender physical condition. In fact, few people know that she once weight 175 pounds, whereas now she weighs in at 115 pounds. Such a difference in weight highlights that she knows what she is talking about and that her advice should at least be considered.

The simple advice that Michaels hands out is for patients in the Dr Oz Show to take responsibility for their weight and not think of themselves as victims. Furthermore, once you have got into such a mind-set, you simply must take action and not take the easy route of ignoring the problem you are facing. Once you have managed to at least change your thinking, you are on the right road and you merely need to eat less in order to lose more. While this is unquestionably the hard part, Michaels has at least devised several strategies that will aid you.


Make your date… with the scales

This is the first piece of advice that Michaels hands out to patients. She claims that one of the big problems that people face whilst trying to lose weight is that they simply don’t know how much they weigh. This could be due to a number of reasons, with fear usually being the main cause.

Once you have discovered your exact weight, the fun on the scales does not stop there. Instead, Michaels says that you must set aside one day of the week in which you will monitor your weight – thus building a gradual collection of data. It should be mentioned that the purpose of this is not to encourage you to get the scales out as often as possible, as this would result in the concept becoming completely distorted. If you were to do this, your weight would be hugely inconsistent on a daily basis and there is every chance that you would become discouraged.


Tie yourself up whilst eating

Again, the title of this section does not exactly give you confidence in Michaels’ methods. However, this strategy is perhaps one of her most innovative to date, as she suggests that for every meal you have you tie a piece of rope around your waist. Furthermore, this rope doesn’t have to interfere with your social activities and it can slot underneath your clothing if you’d prefer.

The purpose of this rope is to let you know when your stomach is becoming full. Anybody that is clued up on the biology of food consumption will know that it takes a little time for the stomach to feel full – thus meaning that it’s very much possible to eat more than your body actually needs. Therefore, the rope can stop this and when your stomach starts expanding and putting pressure on the rope, you will know that it’s time to put your knife and fork together and stop eating.

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quick weight loss tips

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