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Is raspberry ketone safe?

Raspberry ketone is a natural supplement made from the extracts of the raspberry. It is becoming more and more common as a weight loss supplement, and therefore many people are beginning to question and research more into the actual effects of Raspberry ketone – is it actually safe?


Does it do its job without lasting impacts? Overall, it is presumed to be a safe substance, but read on to discover some of the potential areas for problems with Raspberry ketone.


raspberry ketone safety


Generally, there are few reasons to worry about the safety of raspberry ketone – it is a certified product by the Food and Drug Administration(1965). It is a natural extract and therefore there should be few problems. No side effects are widely reported and research has never shown that the average person will be at all negatively affected by taking Raspberry ketone.


There are however, several cases where people are thoroughly advised to contact their GP to establish if Raspberry ketone is something they should be introducing into their health regimen. The tests done on raspberry ketone were generally carried out on mice – there has been minimum research into the impact of people. Secondly, the use of raspberry ketone as a supplement has been relatively recent, and therefore the long term impacts may not have become apparent, yet.


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For those who are pregnant/breast feeding, it is always important to check with your doctor – especially if you are at risk of any pregnancy related conditions. Finally, if you are taking non-pure raspberry ketone – it is important to consider what other chemicals are present in the supplement you will be taking. If they are only mixed with natural ingredients then you may consider it fine, but as soon as non-organic elements are added you are messing with a range of possible side effects and consequences.


As a general rule of thumb, most people will be OK when adding raspberry ketone to their lifestyle. The problem will only arise in the occasional case – the average person should be OK. It is about taking normal precautions – do not starve yourself, push yourself to extreme limits or expect miracle results. The danger with diet supplements is that it makes people take drastic measures, rather than the actual supplement itself being dangerous.


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