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How to Preserve Your Silhouette

Problems with the figure? Insulin would be to blame? Learn more about this hormone and about how weight affects you!




What is insulin?

Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas that allows sugar to be used properly by the body. When the body does not secrete enough insulin, sugar stays in the bloodstream instead of entering the cell. Then there is hyperglycemia.

A simple blood test performed on an empty stomach in the morning you can check blood sugar and glycated hemoglobin levels (this figure gives information on blood glucose in the blood). If blood glucose is high (1.1 – 1.26 g / l), may not secrete enough insulin and suffer from a pre-diabetes.


Insulin and silhouette

Obesity is one of the main signs of pre-diabetes and diabetes. As the body’s fat cells get larger, the more your body will work harder to create insulin to supply them with sugar.

Problem? Exhausts the pancreas and insulin produced becomes increasingly less effective. In this case, blood glucose increases: values of over 1.26 g / l is already talking of diabetes. In this case medical treatment is needed and balanced diet.


Insulin – the key to a balanced diet

To control blood sugar and maintain a stable weight, diet is necessary. The famous Mediterranean diet is especially recommended. What does she? Eat daily fresh fruit and vegetables, cereals, pulses. Drink milk and small amounts of fat (olive oil, canola, walnuts).

Two or three times a week eat fish or chicken meat, red meat reserve it for special occasions. Sweets and pastries should be eaten more often. Avoid salt and herbs


Other measures taken

Insulin is a hormone sensitive. It responds both to food, and sleep, and movement. Thus, some additional steps you can take care of the figure and also to prevent diabetes.

Try to have a more restful sleep. The study says that less than 5 hours of sleep per night increase to 2.5 times the risk of pre-diabetes.

Regular physical activity is also paramount. It helps you fight against the extra weight and promotes the absorption of glucose in the body, thereby resisting diabetes. Try at least three sessions of one hour of exercise per week.

Science of weight loss is simple: as eating fewer calories you lose even more. That is not to skip meals as starvation will not solve anything, but just annoy you.

The real solution lies in the reduction of only a few calories at each meal, so the taste will not notice the difference, and some calorie ingredients to be replaced with some more healthy.

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quick weight loss tips

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