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How to Get a Flat Stomach

Do you have a protruding belly? You have two reasons to lose weight in the abdomen: First belly does not look good, and secondly you are in danger to get sick of heart. Follow the following tips!


how to get flat stomach


Diet for flattening abdomen


# You should not necessarily start a diet, but do follow some rules. Avoid meats besides fish, but prepare them in other way than fried. If you do not like fish, eat a very lean meat, which has a low-fat and sauces.



# Rice is not very good either because it tends to get constipated. Instead, rely on high-fiber foods such as oats and wheat seeds or peas.



# In terms of dairy products, choose those that contain bifidus, Lactobacillus acidophilus. These are contained in natural bio yoghurt. They facilitate digestion and prevent bloating after meals.



Now that you know what foods can help you have a flat belly, here are techniques useful for this purpose.


# Eat slowly. Each meal should last at least 20 minutes. Losing a little more time at the table to avoid overeating.


# Another tip to prevent bloating: Eat in a calm place. So you are quiet and the body absorbs food better. Avoid laughing or talking too much to not swallow air.


# Drink plenty of water between meals to ease bowel movements.



Exercises to lose weight in the abdomen


To accelerate the weakening of the abdomen do some sports. If these exercises do not help watch out the food! They primarily help you to preserve your muscle mass and eliminate fat.


Start by doing some cardio training exercises, jogging or jumping rope. These endurance sports allow you to get out of the fat.


Once you start off your stomach, reduce by half the amount of endurance sports and exercises based on your ground abdominals (abs). It would be pointless to do crunches before losing a minimum of fat from the belly muscles that would be covered with fat and you’ll quickly lose motivation because you could not see the results.





Eating excessively fatty or sweet, sedentary lifestyle is also conducive to install extra weight. Go walking every day? No? If you propose a daily walk. Split it in: 3×20 minutes or 4×15 minutes. Park your car further down before a bus stop, it’s simply a matter of organization. Sports is vital if you want to lose weight.

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quick weight loss tips

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