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How Many Calories Should I Eat?

To lose weight you must burn more calories than you eat. It can be difficult, especially if “counting” calories is pretty unpleasant.


calories should eat


Researchers at Harvard and at Louisiana State University found that people who only slightly reduce the number of calories consumed daily has managed to lose about 6 pounds in half a year, regardless of what type of diet followed.


In fact, if you reduce consumption of 100 calories a day, you lose 4.5 kg a year. If you subtract 250 calories from your diet, you lose 26 pounds in a year. Reducing the number of daily calories by 500, you could lose 26 kilograms in half the time.


At every meal, even without you realizing it, you get unwanted fat and sugar. They are hidden in sauces, ketchup, bread dough and salad dressings. It is important to know exactly what you eat, especially processed foods that lately we have captured diet.


On average, a serving of food is about 200 calories richer than 20 years ago. Therefore, to adopt a balanced lifestyle is very important to know the recommended amounts for one serving, regardless of type food you eat.


Small changes in your eating habits can significantly decrease the number of calories you consume daily. Here are some of them:



Less fat


Sunflower oil, used “extensively”, is guilty of high-calorie content of some cooked dishes.

For meat, choose lean options. Several options are roasted meat. An alternative is steam cooking which, in addition to low fat content, keeps nutrients from food better, compared to boiling or frying in oil.



Homemade bread with seeds


Unfortunately, the commercial white bread contains a large amount of sugar. Besides its sugar also have various other substances, additives meant to keep bread fresh for as long and improve its taste. Beyond the negative effects on your weight, bread and many additives adversely affect your health.


You can try to prepare yourself, home-grain bread, no sugar and no additives of any kind: only whole wheat flour, water, various seeds, salt and yeast. Not quite as difficult as it sounds.



Balsamic vinegar on your taste


Instead of salad dressings, which are often mayonnaise, fat, salt, sugar and various additives, among which the most common being preservatives, you should prepare your own vinegar, with your favorite flavors. Vinegar helps to accelerate weight loss to burn fat, and it’s an ally in the diet.

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quick weight loss tips

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