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Five Simple Rules to Lose Weight

With the arrival of summer clothes, more hot days we often send to the pool, beach or sea. Therefore, in this period need to display a nice figure, no cellulite, unsightly tummy or ham.


Therefor we have a list of rules you should observe them to eat healthy and have a nice body.


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1. Use smaller plates

Before you put all the food you prepared it in a huge saucer think of the number of calories that enter the body. If you want to lose weight or just keep yourself in shape is advisable to avoid large plates and to use small plates. In this way you will eliminate many calories in your food rations, and thus will be able to lose weight easily.


2. Half of the food must contain fruits or vegetables

Add fruits and vegetables in your diet (bananas, apples, pears, grapes, lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, radishes, spinach). Also, try to give up potatoes, especially french fries. They should not exist in in your plate.



You can eat milk with cereal in the morning, where you can add bits of banana. At lunch, besides the chicken or vegetable broth, and eat a fruit, and in the evening at least 50% of the ration should contain cooked vegetables. This type of diet contains enough nutrients and thus the amount of fat and calories will be reduced automatically.


3. Do not eat products made quickly

Fast-food products (hamburgers, cheesburgeri, shaorma, fries) is true caloric bombs. And watch what you eat and not resort to these kinds of food, even if you’re short of time or can not find anything good in fridge.

To be able to get rid of unhealthy products, think that a hamburger contains 510 calories, 200 grams.



4. As the ingredients list is shorter, the better

Before buying a food, check ingredients. If you feel that the list never ends, give it up, however it may seem appealing and tasty.

Processed foods are not healthy, nor for your body figure.



5. Healthy food need not be expensive

Eating healthy should not have a hefty price, as it must be accessible to anyone, regardless of economic status.

Dr. Katz and colleagues conducted a study in Independence, Missouri, comparing food prices. Following this research, they could prove that healthy food is not more expensive than fast food products or other foods that can damage health.

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quick weight loss tips

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