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9 Ways to Flatten your Belly in One Week

We’ve all done it – thrown caution to the wind and had one of those weekends where we’ve eaten everything that wasn’t nailed down.


Maybe you started the weekend on Friday night, enjoying drinks with your friends. Saturday was dinner out, plus you stopped for ice cream afterward. Sunday is always the big day – the game was on, you ate every snack there was…and to top it off, Mom fixed a huge Sunday dinner.


Whatever your choices, here you are on Monday morning feeling like you swallowed a ball.
The choices you make in one weekend can add an amazing three pounds onto your midsection. This can leave you staring at the gap in your top pants button.


Don’t despair, though. This weight is frequently temporary and can be lost within a week, putting you back on track.
Get that flat tummy back with these easy tips:


belly fat flatten


How to flatten your tummy with food!


Spice up your life


Put your salt shaker away and get out those spices.

Salt can cause you to retain fluid, giving you that puffy appearance. Water retention can add several pounds to your weight, known as ‘water weight.’ Stay away foods high in salt such as processed foods.

Try some spices instead. Cinnamon – one teaspoon a day can reduce your blood sugar and lower your cholesterol.

Cayenne – can stimulate your metabolism to burn more calories. Ginger – can help clear a weekend of food out of your system by helping your digestive tract. And don’t forget Mustard seed – just one teaspoon can boost your calorie burning.


Fiber is your friend


Fiber is needed to get your digestive tract moving again. For a fiber-friendly breakfast, try some oatmeal flavored with raisins. If your stomach is full of acid, try a piece of wheat toast instead.

For a gentle lunch, try some barley soup. A light, one- hundred calorie dinner of a baked potato is gentle on your stomach, offers fiber as well as being fat and cholesterol free.

Feeling like a snack? Grab a handful of nuts such as peanuts or almonds. The Fiber in nuts allows you to feel full and will keep your digestion regular.


Go bland


Certain foods can make your stomach bloat even worse. Called acidic foods, these include tomato products such as spaghetti and pizza. Another acidic food is citrus fruit such as grapefruit.

Stay away from fried foods and fats, although they probably don’t sound too appetizing anyway. Hot sauce and barbeque sauce should probably stay on the shelf. A bland meal can include baked meat or a gentle meal of chicken and wild rice.


Get Fresh


Your body will burn 16% more calories if you eat a meal of fresh fruit and veggies. Fruits and vegetables high in vitamin C allow your body to burn body fat, allowing it to be flushed out of your system.

You should watch drinking fruit juices, however, that can add to the acidity in your stomach. Have some raisins or dried fruit instead, although stay away from dried plums. Plums have a mild laxative effect and contain sorbital, a hard to digest sugar that can cause additional gas and bloating.



Go natural


Trying to understand good carbs versus bad carbs can be easy…if you just remember natural. The less processing done by man the better!

Good carbs are as close to natural as possible. This includes green vegetables, beans and nuts, and finally whole grains such as cereals.

Bad carbs have been processed so much that the natural goodness and fiber are almost all gone. These include white breads, snack foods and pasta. These are known as ‘empty’ calories – foods that have little or no nutritional value.

So what makes bad carbs ‘bad?’ You don’t get sleepy after certain meals for any reason. High-carb meals can leave you positively sluggish for the rest of the day because they affect your glucose levels.

Because processed foods have only been in abundance for around 100 years now, our bodies are not very good at processing them and turn them quickly into fat. Bad carbs cause our sugar levels to go out of balance, and put us at a higher risk for obesity, heart disease and cancer.


You need culture


Part of your weekend bloat may be contributed to lactose intolerance, your body’s inability to digest the sugar in milk.

This can cause you to have gas and stomachaches. A great solution? Try some probiotic yogurt. The active cultures in yogurt contain bacteria that stay busy helping your digestive system break down sugars. You will notice a decrease in bloating while alleviating your stomachache.


Hop on the wagon


Let your body re-cooperate by abstaining from alcohol for a few days. Alcohol causes dehydration and also causes digestive problems. Along with alcohol, stay away from carbonated beverages. Despite the rumors that these drinks can help you ‘burp’ and feel better, all they do is add even more distention to your midsection.

The best thing to drink is water. Water helps flush out impurities and allows your digestion to get back where it was. Drink six to eight glasses of water a day.



Take a hike


Well, not literally…although walking is one of the best ways to stimulate your digestion and allow painful gas and bloating to pass through. Walking also burns 26 calories for every 10 minutes you walk, along with increasing your heart rate. If walking isn’t for you, try another form of exercise. Exercise perks up your metabolism


flatten belly fat


Some quick tips for belly bloating relief


For additional help in flattening your tummy, consider one of these products:

  • Peppermint – oil capsules or tea will help kill the bacteria that can cause you to bloat.
  • Try a digestive enzyme such as a probiotic capsule
  • Use a product such as Gas-X , Pepto Bismal, Tums, Bean
  • Try a colon cleanser, although make sure to choose one that is gentle
  • Drink a tea such as fennel or chamomile tea
  • One of the best recommendations is to stop weighing yourself every day. Your weight can fluctuate by as many as four pounds in one day. Rather than weigh yourself constantly, concentrate on how you feel rather than the number on the scale. Judge bloating by the fit of your clothes.

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quick weight loss tips

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